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TWA Malaysia is a company incorporated in 2009, engaged in works related to the Malaysian railway industry. Prior to the company’s incorporation and for more than 25 years, its co-founders had serviced companies handling the Malaysian railways whilst garnering much experience and recognition. Thereafter, being at the helm of TWA Malaysia for just about ten years, they had led the company to grow from a small local outfit to being among the few established local key industry players.

For the Malaysian railway industry, TWA Malaysia is among the few market leaders which has gained international recognition especially in the Asia Pacific and beyond. TWA Malaysia also proudly holds sole distributorship rights to the supply and maintenance of railway machinery by the Austrian-based company, Plasser and Theurer, the world’s leading manufacturer of track maintenance machines.

Today, TWA Malaysia has further built on its resources and integrated its strengths, diversifying into businesses involving engineering solutions, construction, and manufacturing.


  • Responsible and ethical leadership

  • Clear organizational structure and stable supply of resources

  • Conducive working environment which promotes professionalism, respect, honesty and teamwork

  • Competent and skilled human resources maintained through continuous training and development based on stringent industry standards.

  • Continuous monitoring and auditing of work processes based in due diligence

  • Continuous technological and product development and innovation

  • Strong lifetime partnership with customers by prioritizing solutions based on their needs and concern

  • Positive engagement and communication with all stakeholders, which include employee’s government and regulatory bodies, suppliers, partners, customers, and the community within which we operate



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