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Premier Technical Service Team

Our sales and machinery is backed by superior after-sales technical support services. Our technical support teams is highly experienced and committed. We are the only provider of such services for Plasser & Theurer machines in the Asia Pacific, and among the few in the world. This same exclusive service is also provided for machinery procured from our other business partners such as Robel and Shin Sung System Limited (Korea).

First and Only Tamping Machine Simulator in Asia

Our tamping simulator allows railway operator training to be carried out much quicker than it would be possible on-site, with users experiencing a real-time working environment without any risk of damaging the track and the machine. it reduces the training period and allows higher cost-efficiency. It also enables the trainer and the participants to evaluate the simulated performance together, and to lear step-by-step how to tamp the track optimally. We are ready to provide training services to organizations in the Asia Pacific and even beyond.

Tamping Simulator.jpg

2010 - present

2010 - present

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